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Monday, March 23, 2009

Enjoying my break

Just a quick check in.

I had a GREAT weekend. Very relaxing and productive around the house, the inside of the house at least. I was able to do laundry, dust, vacuum, mop and clean the bathrooms. I also relaxed, napped once and played with the girls.

I am enjoying my exercise break very much. I am almost ready to get back to it though. I will be totally shifting gears though from endurance training to strenth training and fat cutting. This will be such a change for me but I will enjoy it. I really love lifting weights possibly more than I love running.

I am cleaning up my food and making the shift there as well from endurance eating to fat cutting food. The transition has gone better than I thought. I am almost completely converted. Lower carbs and more protein.

The enudurance training required more of a commitment to the running and a little more relaxed with the food. The fat loss mode requires more dedication to the food and of course the workouts too but just more so of a commitment to the good clean food and higher protein.

I still have marathon pics to post and I hope to do that throught this week.


Kelly said...

I need to learn how to train for races. I'm winging it right now. But I guess I should concentrate on just getting in shape first.

I'm still so amazed and thrilled about your race. It was very inspiring.

The Graves Gang said...

Yeah You!! :)

Natalie said...

i want to hear more about your fat cutting eating plan...