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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

5 days! Feeling good

Well it is only FIVE days until the big day. I know I keep saying this but I really can't believe it. I am just getting so excited. I am over my nervousness now until probably Sunday morning around 5am when we are on the drive to Little Rock for the race.

I still need to make my list of everything that I need to take with me so I am sure not to forget anything.

Currently there is a 30% chance of rain so who knows what it will do. I just hope it stays at 30% and doesn't increase. The low is 47 and the high is 67 so that sounds like good temps.

I still have 2 - 3 mile runs to do this week. My plan is to get up in the morning and do them Wednesday and Thursday. Oh I dread it though, it is so hard to get up with the time change. I only have 2 more though, I can do it!! This is almost it, the home stretch. Then I can take a break for a couple of weeks and let my knee heal completley and get my mojo back.

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