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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

FOUR DAYS!!! My 2nd wedding.

Only FOUR more days until the marathon. I have only ONE more training run. I have been running since late August getting ready for this marathon. I did do a 1/2 marathon in December leading up to this and then obviously just continued my training after the 1/2 for 14 weeks. So 14 weeks ago I had almost 60 training runs to do, not to mention the ones I did from late August to early December and now I only have one measely little 3 mile run left to do which I will do Thursday mroning. I am just so excited.

FYI - I am not quitting my exercising after this marathon is over BUT I am taking a much needed 2 week break for my body, my mind and mostly my knee. I will do some walking here and there but nothing too huge.

So it came to me yesterday morning that planning/preparing for a marathon is sort of like planning a wedding. You make your decision to do it and you register for it (like you get engaged and set a date) then you are totally focused on planning for it and doing everything you can before hand so that you are ready for your big day. Following me so far? As the day approaches you are just so excited and you start to get nervous b/c you have done all you can do and you just hope and pray that everything goes as you have planned. Then the day comes and you are getting ready to walk down the isle or walk to the start line and wait for the gun to go off and then it does and you just hope everything goes as you want it to. Then you want to really enjoy it and soak it all in then it is over and you look at your spouse or your running buddies and you say WE DID IT!!!

So here I embark on my 2nd wedding and the first one was FABULOUS so I am certain this 2nd one is going to be equally as great. I am about to find out I suppose. Only FOUR more days until MY 2nd BIG DAY! WOOT!


Brandi said...

HA I've never looked at it that way!! Too funny but so true!! I'm ready girl! Oh btw, I gave you an award. Go check out my blog. :)

kat said...

i'm loving your countdown!!!

Kelly said...

Only 4 days?! Wow, that came up fast.
Are you nervous? I bet you are going to do great. Enjoy the experience.:)

The Lewis's said...

Wow i can't beleive it is this close already!! Yep it definitly sounds like planning a wedding!:)

Kyla said...

Oh my gosh, how exciting :)

You'll do great and good luck!