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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

AM workout - nothing like getting it OVER WITH!

Yes, the past two mornings I have gotten my bootie out of bed and out to exercise. Yesterday morning I did urban rebounder (a small trampoline borrowed from a friend). I liked it and it was a nice change but I think I might get bored with it so I don't want it for myself but I was glad to try it out. This morning I got up and jogged 3 miles. I laid in my bed and debated for about 20 minutes on if I was going to get up or not. Genius aren't I, I mean if I was going to go back to bed I should have done it as soon as the alarm went off but I didn't. I thought I don't want to get up but I don't want to have to run tonight. Which one do I not want to do worse and jogging tonight won so I made the leap of faith and put my feet on the ground and the rest was history. Out the door I went and jogged 3 whole miles. I was so glad when I was done and my exercise was done for the day. YAHOO!! I am getting up in the morning early to do my upper body workout then I will rest on Friday then it is 10K here I come on Saturday morning.

Last night I had my cheat meal at bunko with some girlfriends. It was good and worth it. I had taco salad with some really great light and crispy tortilla chips and ROTEL and for dessert a few good classic chocolate chip cookies. It was all so good and I enjoyed every last bite of it. I love doing this cheat meal thing and I love it especially when it is good and worth it. I just indulge for one meal once a week and that is it then I get back on track and I still lose weight this way and this is something that I can live with and that is what I love about it. This week I have resisted chips at lunch, oreos and other chocolate things in the office kitchen, cheese doritos in the office kitchen, and grasshoppers (the mint cookies) at my parents house, all of these things just since Monday. It feels so good, you should try it sometime. If you ever doubt yourself on this weight loss journey or need a confidence boost then resist a temptation and see how good it makes you feel about yourself. SO EMPOWERING!!!

I will post tomorrow as to how my upper body workout went. I am increasing my reps this week so it will be a tad bit harder and I can't wait for that. Bring it on!

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