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Thursday, October 25, 2007


I have been struggling to get up in the mornings to work out even though this is the time I like to do it. I like to get it done and overwith and I just haven't been able to get up. No one's fault but my own. I just need to put my two feet on the ground and get to it. When I don't I have to work out at night and I have been but I just so much prefer to do it in the AM. Finally, this morning I did it. 5:10 AM my feet were on the ground and I got an "Atta Girl" from J. that made me feel tood. I went to the living room and got busy with my strength training back and chest day. This is my toughest workout. My chest consists of my weakest muslces and the chest presses, dumbell flyes and push ups just really push me to my limits. I finished all reps of everything but it wasn't easy. I was so happy when it was over b/c now I don't have to do that one again for a week. I think tomorrow might be my day of rest (DOR). I would really like to exercise on Friday then take my DOR on Saturday b/c I have a busy day planned but I am just not sure what will work out best yet. I am getting kind of tired b/c I have worked out 6 days in a row now and I think I need my DOR.

So what is your plan? Have you already exercised today? Will you do it at lunch or after work or at 9pm? It doesn't matter when you do it just GET IT IN!! Get that body moving so you can make some muscle and then burn more calories at rest.

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