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Friday, October 5, 2007


I thought I would share a few victories over food that I have had this week:

1) Chloe wanted some ice cream on Wednesday. So as we were visiting my Granny I was thinking to myself we could go to Braums and I could get her a junior cone b/c I know she won't eat much. Well, of course I was debating if I should get one. As my on-line trainer always says to own your decision and if you truly want something that is off plan then eat it and enjoy it and don't feel guilty about it but if you are not going to like yourself and feel guilty then do not eat it. Well, I decided that I wanted one so I got a jr. chocolate in a cone and it was SO GOOD. I ate it and soaked up every minute of it. Chloe's ice cream is where the victory comes in. She of course took like 5 licks off hers and barely ate around the top of the cone and said she didn't want it. So she handed it to me. I stared at it for a minute and thought I could so just down this ice cream, but instead I took two licks and then threw it out the window!! Whew, that felt good!!

2) I went to a mexican restaurant that I go to every Thursday with some friends. Well I typically I get a chicken fajita salad that is really good and healthy and in my guidelines for how I like to eat. Of course they give you a basket of chips with it and then the others with me get things that have a basket of chips too. Last week I actually ate an entire basket of chips. I felt awful after I did that. I was just so mad at myself for letting myself do that. So this time, I was not going to eat any chips. I asked for them to not give me my basket, we just didn't need 3-4 basket of chips at our table, 2 are plenty. I ate my salad and enjoyed every last bite of it and just snubbed those chips! I ate NO CHIPS. WOO WOO!!!

3) Last night the girls and I went to Chic-fil-a for dinner. I got my fav, the chargrilled chicken sandwich and a side salad with rasberry vinag. dressing. I got Chloe the 4 nugget meal with fries. Next time I will get a fruit cup instead of the fries. Anyway, she ate all 4 nuggets and did not even touch the fries. I kept looking at them thinking how I really wanted them. My trainer, Corinne and another girl Lorie kept going through my mind, Corinne just recently posted a blog about this http://phitnphat.wordpress.com/2007/10/02/defining-your-diet-success/ and then Lorie was talking about "Is it worth it". These words were running through my mind as I was looking at those french fries and you know what? I snubbed those french fries too. I did not even eat one of them. I threw those things in the trash along with the other trash. It felt SO GOOD!!

My challenge to you is to have VICTORY over your food this weekend and turn your nose up at that not good for you food. It is these little victories that will get you to where you want to be.

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INeedAVacation said...

Yay Dawn. What a wonderful post. You are such a "food snob" now!! Yay for you & your victories.