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Friday, October 12, 2007

Tomorrow is the BIG day!

Race day tomorrow, October 13th, my very first 10K. I have in fact not gone 6.2 miles before. The longest I have ran is 5 miles and that was last Friday so this will be an all time high for me and I can't wait. My friend Jess is coming up from Conway to run it with me. I will post some pictures of us on Monday.

Food VICTORY! - yesterday I went to a halloween carnival with Chloe and of course there was tons of halloween candy and then they had other food on top of that. I did eat 5 meatballs but that is all. I passed up all of the candy and the chips and cheese dip, fried cheese sticks, egg rolls, wings, fried mini corn dogs and numerous other fried foods that you could dip in the huge container of ranch dressing. I ate none of it!! WOO HOO! I was so proud and the big thing is that I didnt' even want to eat it. I was not tempted at all. I must have had my mind set right b/c that typically doesn't happen.

Do you have a plan for your weekend? If not, then get one. What are you going to eat? Are you going to exercise. I will be doing the race then going to tailgate for the Hog football game then the game is that evening. I plan on drinking my water, eating my carrots, apple, beef jerky and protein bar. Sunday, will be a lazy day with some cleaning I am sure and just getting ready for the week as usual.

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