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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just another day

I am sure you get tired of my same ol boring post saying that I am eating decent and exercising but that is about all their is to me at the moment. I am TWO for TWO this week on the AM workouts and that feels GREAT!!!

Chloe is going to her 2nd gymnastics class today. We tried it out last week for a "test" class and it went well and she enjoyed it so we are enrolling her. She is so excited.

Tomorrow we have a potluck at work which typically means some pretty good food. My plan is to bring my own lunch and survey the scene tomorrow to see if there is something that looks good but that isn't totally off my plan. Jsut in case I will have my own food though.

I have upper body ST planned for my AM workout tomorrow at the gym.

ok, that is it. Boring I know.


She-Fit said...

Way to go with the morning workouts!
SO fun that your little girl is in gymnastics. I did gymnastics my whole life till my sophomore year of high school and absolutely loved it! ! !

Jen said...

I never get tired of your posts! You are doing awesome and its great motivation for me to read!!

Tiffa said...

So not boring! It's fantastic that you are sticking to it! I need some of your motivation :) Cannot wait to see the results!

The Lewis's said...

Your are doing wonderful!!! I bet Chloe is going to love gymnastics--sooo fun!