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Monday, August 10, 2009

WOOT it's Monday!

The weekend went GREAT as far as food goes and I enjoyed my two days of rest from exercise. The scale still IS NOT my friend but I am doing my best to keep my chin up and keep plugging along.

I started my Monday off right by heading to the gym this AM. WOO HOO!!! I am so proud of that.

We are starting week 3 of the Back 2 School challenge with Phit-N-Phat. Corinne says that on average that this is the week that gets to people and if they are thinking about quitting then they do b/c they think what they are doing isn't working or they get frustrated and give up. Well....the scale is not my friend and it actually says I am up 2.4 pounds from last week. WHAT? Yes, I am at 154 according to that darn scale BUT I will NEVER give up. I will get to my goal and that is the bottom line. If it were easy everyone would be fit and healthy, right?

So I am continuing to plug a long, log my food and get in my workouts and chug the water. Speaking of water Queen Corinne says that I need to make sure I get in A LOT of it on the weekends. I am SO BAD about drinking my water on the weekends b/c I am out of my routine so this weekend I am getting a gallon jug of water and I will drink one of those on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Oh man, I can't wait for the weekend already though and of course this revolves around food. We are having a get together at our house with all bad food and desserts and I am so ready to dig my teeth into some cheese dip and chips and some no bake cookies that my Mom is going to make. Seriously, when you resist temptations for an extended amount of time it makes the food that you love taste 100 times better. I think you appreciate it more or something. HA Not that I would want that food all of the time b/c I really wouldn't. I want the way I feel and look a bazillion times more than I want that food but that doesn't take away the great taste and satisfaction you get when you eat it. YUM!! I can already taste the salty tortilla chips and cheesedip in my mouth now.


Betsy said...

After that description, I can taste those chips too!

Good luck with your challenge, glad to hear you are NOT giving up!

Teresa said...

I want chips now too. I'm still going. I refuse to give up. I've posted pictures, so I'm all the way into it.

Today's workout didn't hurt my hip, it WAS the meds. Thanks for the ice trick.

Stacia said...

You get through this week easily! Your pics look great!!