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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Staying the course and trying new foods.

I am in the middle of week 5 of my Back to School Challenge with Phit-N-Phat. Although, the scale has not moved how I wanted it to/wish it would have I am still very pleased with my progress. The scale did finally show me some love this weekend and I am officially down 2.2 pounds from the beginning of the challenge. I still have not taken my measurments half way through. I need to do that.

The positives:

1) I have worked out 5 days a week for 3 weeks and 2 days during last week when Lizzie was sick. I am on track to workout 5 days this week. This is HUGE. All of them have been in the morning at 5:30 with the exception of 1.

2) I was able to wear a pair of pants that I haven't been able to put on in about 8 months. My other pants are a tad loose.

3) I feel good. I mentally and physically feel GREAT!!!

4) I have ventured out and tried several new foods in the past 4 weeks and I actually like them and have added them all to my eating plan.

5) According to the scale which I am doing my best not to put too much stock in b/c the 4 positives above outweigh what the scale shows, I have lost 2.2 pounds of NASTY FAT!

Here are some of the foods I have tried that I have developed a taste for:

This green drink I refer to as a "green monster". I got this idea from a great blog I found, Healthy, Hott, Housewife, go check her out, she is very funny and post some great looking food and tells you what is in it. Anyway, I changed mine up a bit and I put in 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1 whole peach chopped, water and about 1 cup of spinach. I SWEAR YOU CANNOT TASTE THE SPINACH. This is an awesome way to get in some veggies and not even know it. One day that I made it I put in a splash of milk and that was good too. I HIGHLY recommend trying this. Mix it in a magic bullet or something similar. SO GOOD! That is cute little Chloe in the background and my 1 egg, 4 egg white omelet with 1 oz. of cheese in it.

Then I have tried grapefruit. Which I have tried before and DID NOT like. Someone told me you have to get off all of the rhind (sp) so now I know how to fix it and with some splenda it is pretty tasty.

Next is yogurt. I do not care for yogurt. I have tried it several different times and several different types and I am just not a fan. I like milk but for some reason I don't care for the WHANG of yogurt as I call it, you know that sour milk or whatever taste it is that it has. I don't like that at all. Well, I decided to give greek yogurt a try and with some fruit in it and the occasional 1/4 cup of fiber one cereal....I LIKE IT! I will eat it again and again.

Finally, the thought and look of cottage cheese has always made me want to hurl. I mean it looks like vomit if you ask me so appropriately it makes me want to do that. Well, I was surfing the body for life website and I saw a recipe for "almost cheesecake". I LOVE ME SOME CHEESECAKE. So I thought maybe I should give this a chance and see what I think of it. Thanks to my handy dandy magic bullet that thing can whip up some cottage cheese like no one's business and it is silky, smooth and creamy. For 1 cup of cottage cheese add 1 tbsp of sugar free vanilla or french vanilla jello pudding mix and 1 tsp of vanilla and blend and put in the fridge and let it sit and it gels up a bit and add 1/4 cup of your favorite fruit, I like frozen blackberries warmed up or blueberries are good and you have a very tasty but healthy treat.

I can assure you that I NEVER thought I would be eating spinach blended up, yogurt, grapefruit and most definitely cottage cheese. I am glad I gave these foods another shot b/c they are all good foods that all provide some good nutrition. I encourage you to give a few foods another chance and one time isn't fair, you have to try them a few times or a few different types until you are absolutely certain you don't like it. Try to put it in a different form like I did the spinach and cottage cheese. GO FOR IT!


Teresa said...

I knew you would like the monster drink, I'll have to try it with water instead of skim milk. I am definately going to try the cottage cheese and pudding, that sounds wonderful. I have noticed that the things I used to never eat are some of my favorites now.

Becca said...

I think I am the last person on earth who hasn't tried a green monster. I might have to venture out and give it a go.

Dawn, I am just now catching up on blogs after a week long hiatus - GOOD FOR YOU for sticking to it and I admire you for re-trying 'nasty' foods or food you didn't like in the past.
My hubby hates cottage cheese too, but it has a casien protien which is slow acting, like an IV drip of protiens, so good for you for eating it again. If you still dont like the texture too much, add a little sugar free jello to it. Choc. or cheesecake is my fav...butterscotch is good too. It will up the carbs a little but not much. :)

Also, great news on the 2.2 lbs, but even better news on the fitting back into your pants front! A lot of times weight loss isn't as important as weight CHANGE in how you look. THat means you are losing fat and tightening up! GO GIRL~!!