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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Ok, here goes nothing. I really hope I don't regret posting this type of photo. My intent is to keep me MOTIVATED and to keep me doing the consistent work outs and continue with the healthy clean food over the next 7 1/2 weeks until the end of my Phit-N-Phat challenge. I DO NOT want to have 8 weeks go by and have to post the exact photo b/c I made no changes in my body.

Warning: this is Dawn as the " jail bird" . Corinne says make all "before" photos BAD. No makeup, hair not fixed, no smiling. Then the "after" is well you know...glamorous along with a smaller body.

FYI: I am 3/3 this week on the workouts. Only two more to go and the food has been SOLID!!! This darn stomach cannot shrink fast enough.


Jen said...

Brave lady! I cant wait to see the afters!! You are rockin' it!

WeightWatcher Mama said...

you are VERY brave! i'm on team dawn! can't wait to see your afters! good luck!

Brandi said...

Girl you got the guts so I know you will have the glory! Can't wait to see the after pictures! You are going to look FABULOUS!!!

Allyson said...

So proud of you for posting pics!! It makes you that much more accountable for what you are doing. Bravo Bravo!!

Keep rockin'!

Wess and Kristal said...

You are totally AWESOME!! So proud of you!

Anonymous said...

You're awesome!! I can't wait to see the Afters!

Teresa said...

I need to post mine, but I'm wearing a bikini, YIKES! I need to just do it and be done with it. I'll hold my breath and do it.

Becca said...

You wont regret posting these. I know you hate the fact that they are up right now, but you'll look back on them in months and be proud to show them off because of how good the after pics will be!
I just got back from vacation and and overwhelmed on catching up with blogs. UGH!

Bare with me.
And good job on keeping up the workouts!! It is always easier said than done!

Natalie said...

you are amazing and so very brave!!! i wish i had your guts! i do have to say that our stomachs match and mine won't go away fast enough either! we must be pretty different heights since i weigh quite a lot more than you. i did see my lowest ever this week at 175.4! see i am 5'9"...my WW goal weight is 169, ALMOST THERE! My trainer says i need to get to 145... we'll just see.

anyway, can't wait to see the afters!!!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I'm working on losing excess poundage in the midsection and have been careful to be sure my excess poundage is camoflaged in any photos I post. I applaud you for putting these out there. I am NOT that brave.