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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tired Thursday

Lizzie had a fever yesterday and into the night. One time at 11PM I saw 105.4 on the thermometer then right after that saw 104.9. SCARY HIGH!!! It did come down with some meds and some time then went back up this morning. Dr. tested for flu and it was negative. Urine test came back negative so the verdict is a virus. Hopefully it will only be high today and then go back down tomorrow and go away eventually. Time will tell. Bless her little heart.

I hardly slept of course b/c I kept waking up looking at the clock b/c every two hours I gave her medicine. I took off work today to take her to the Dr. and stay home with her.

I just laid her down for a nap. I am eating lunch of salmon, 1/2 sweet potato and grapefruit and then taking a nap myself.

Good news is that I DID go to the bathroom a little bit ago so I have a little bit of relief. Shew. I hope it keeps coming. HA

I have to share tomorrow hopefully what we ate for dinner last night. It was good!

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Therese said...

Aww you are so sweet!! I'm glad you tried it...it was super easy huh?

I am by no means perfect, especially when it comes to the weekends but I really think blogging has helped keep me accountable. To myself and my readers. You're doing great with your challenge just keep with it!

p.s. I hope your little girl is feeling better! Scary stuff. I had scarlet fever as a child and it scared the pants off my mom I'm sure.