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Friday, August 28, 2009

What a GREAT week!

I had such an AWESOME week with my food. I am so so so proud of how I stuck to my plan. I usually do well but this week I knocked it out of the park. I even went out to lunch twice but took along the food I brought and sat and enjoyed the company while eating my healthy food I prepared.

I only worked out 3 times which isn't as good as the 5 days that I shoot for but I did workout and 2 of those were ST and 1 was a walk on the TM so I am not going to fret over it. It is still pretty good.

My goal is to continue my food success into the weekend. We do have a birthday dinner planned for Saturday night for my 17 year old cousin. This will be at a place called catfish hole so you can imagine what is served there...fried everything. Now, they do have hawaiin chicken, baked potatoes, green beans and salads so there are other healthier options. I havent' decided yet if this will be a splurge meal of or if I will go with the healthier choices. I absolutely earned 1 splurge meal this week so if I might decide to dig into some chicken strips and hush puppies. I am going to wait until tomorow to make my decision.

WATER - I gotta get in my water this weekend. A gallon on both Saturday and Sunday. I will do it.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Stacia said...

great job girlie!

Brandi said...

Hey girl I do know Melanie! She actually went to high school with my hubby, so that is how I know her. :) She is super sweet!!! It is a small world!!!

Justin and Jenn said...

I did hear about the Duggars- can't even believe it! I plan on blogging about it soon!