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Monday, February 18, 2008

4.5 miles down

o.k. I realize that I talk about running all the time but since that is what I am focusing on right now I can't help it. I completed my 4.5 miles today and it was a great run. Nice cool temperature and some good inclines along my path. My calves are a little sore from the hills on Saturday and the hills today. I need to do these to prepare for my upcoming races that have hills. It is just such a different story when you add inclines. I am still planning on doing 3 miles tomorrow so that will seem like a breeze really. I have to be rested and ready for the 10 miles this weekend. Geez, 10 miles really seems like forever. It will take me about an hour and 40 minutes I think. Oh gosh, I can't imagine running that long. OK, I can't think about it, it just seems like forever, it seems almost unachievable sometimes really that is why I just have to get out there and do it then after I get it done I will know that I can do it. I can't THINK on it too much really, JUST DO!!!

I had a really good food day I felt and I even indulged in a baked potato for dinner and it was so yummy. I don't typically eat starchy carbs at night but since I had just got done with my run I thought maybe my body could handle it. IT WAS OH SO GOOD!! I had some smoked chicken on top and used some BBQ sauce instead of butter and sour cream.

o.k, I have to go prepare my lunch and snacks for tomorrow.


Running Knitter said...

Hills make all the difference in the world on those runs, don't they? ;) Good luck on your 10 miler - you can do it!

Cara said...

I will try to refrain from saying how much i canNOT imagine how long a 10 mile would take, or how much it would kill me. ;-)

But you kick butt at running so I am sure once you are out there it will be easy!!

Tasty sounding potato. I wish I could eat chicken (allergic).