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Friday, February 8, 2008

The weekend is here again.

Geez, the weeks go by way too fast. My kids are seriously going to be 18 next week at this rate. My baby is getting close to 1 and I can't believe it. By the way my 3 year old acts you would think she was 18...MISS INDEPENDENT!

As for the weekend I have no plans tonight just relax and do laundry probably, fun fun. Then Saturday I am doing my long run of 7.8 miles and then we have a surprise party for a friend to go to so that will be fun. Sunday, just clean my house and hang out and rest.

Food should be fine. I don't forsee any challenges coming up. I am going to get a few groceries this afternoon to get my stocked for the weekend so I have no excuses. I need to make some food like protein bars and maybe muscle bread and I hope to cut up some sweet potato fries and mabye make these omelet things that you boil and then I have omelets ready for the week and I don't have to eat oatmeal every day.

Do you have your food and exercise planned for the weekend?

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