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Friday, February 15, 2008

Change of plans

I had a change of plans last night and I didn't do my run. My Granny is in the hospital and I needed to see her. I didn't have time to do both so I figured I could do my run another day.

5K tomorrow, they say rain or shine but this girl won't do no rain. I am not that dedicated. I hate not to do it b/c I really want to but I will not run in the rain unless someone is chacing me. Let's just hope it is not raining from 9 - 9:30 in the morning and all will be good. I am planning on doing another 6 miles after I do the 5K so that I can get in my 9 miles. It totally depends on the weather. I am just going to get done what I can. Sunday is not looking good either as far as weather goes so this week might be a bust. I might go this afternoon too and get a run in. It is cold but at least there is no rain in the forecast for today. I can deal with the cold.

Valentine's day was so nice. My hubby sent me some flower and then when I got home he had dinner made, rotisserie chicken, sweet potato and green beans. Then after we got the girls to bed he lit some candles, broke out a bottle of wine and then the chocolate covered strawberries that he had made. He actually bought the strawberries, melted the chocolate and then even melted white chocolate and spelt I love you on the strawberries. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!! It was so nice and thoughtful. It brought tears to me eyes. He loves me so much and he loves to show it.

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