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Monday, February 18, 2008

Freezing 5K = COMPLETE

I did the "freezing 5K" as it is called on Saturday morning at 9am. I almost didn't go. I almost talked myself out of it then I said to myself "you paid for it and it isn't raining you have to go". So I did and I was so glad that I did. I finished in 30:45 and considering the hilly terrain I was SUPER pleased with myself. I really pushed myself on the flat parts and took it a little slower on the hills. I did the 4(run): 1(walk) method that I do and it just worked out perfectly. YEAH!!

I never did get in a long run this week but that is o.k. I had some things come up and then it rained over the weekend. I am still on track with my training so everything is fine.

My schedule for the week is as follows:

M - run 4.5 miles
T - run 3 miles ( I have to get my short runs in early in the week b/c we are expecting rain later in the week)
W - Strength training - believe it or not I am going to try to get up at 6:00 and get this done.
R - day off
F - ab/core work
S - 10 mile run. OH WOW I can't believe I am going to do 10 miles but I AM. The weather is looking just fine so nothing is getting in my way.
Sun. - DAY OF REST!!

My next run is in 2 weeks and that will be the marathon relay in Little Rock.

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