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Monday, February 11, 2008

8 MILES...WOOT WOOT and a nice compliment

I did my longest mileage to date on Saturday of 8 miles. It went pretty well. As I was approaching the end I thought to myself "DAWN IS ABOUT TO RUN 8 MILES" "OH MY GOODNESS". Then I also thought to myself "my legs are feelin' it, am I really going to be able to do 5 more miles to make a total of 13 miles". Then I realized that I have about 7 weeks of training left and by then I will be ready to do the 13 miles. The wind was really strong and when I was running against the wind it was TOUGH!! Then I tried to make up time when the wind was pushing my back.

Food is going pretty well. I am holding steady at 153 which is fine with me. Since I am just maintaining my weight I have been having a few more things than normally do when I am in weight loss mode which has been nice but I also have to be very careful not too eat too much and I have been doing pretty well (except for a few moments) of only eating things that are worth it. I am not eating just to be eating which is GREAT and I am proud that I have learned that but I have eaten a chocolate chip cookie there or 3 hershey kisses there but overall my eating has been good and is totally still on track. I still drink my protein shakes and eat my apple and carrots and tuna and I drink my water.

I got a great compliment today and it wasn't even on purpose really. I was eating my lunch in my break room at work as I do most days of the week and 2 other girls were in there with me. A guy walked in and said "it smells healthy in here" and one of the girls said "that is because Dawn is eating her lunch". It made me feel so good. I had my cucumber with laughing cow cheese, my small can of tuna and a green salad with a little bit of ranch and drinking my water. It made me feel so good and proud of my menu and that people notice that I eat healthy. Can people say that about you???? That gives you something to think about.


Cara said...

People NOW say that about me at work. I love it as well :-)

Ashley said...

Congratulations on your progress and your compliment! Isn't it wonderful when you can actually enjoy a sweet thing as opposed to loathe every bite? Keep up the healthy work :)