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Friday, February 29, 2008

Little Rock bound!!

I am leaving for the Rock as I call it this afternoon after work...hopefully. My kiddos ended up getting sick last night, well it has been coming on for a couple of days but it went to heck last night and there was crying and vomitting and fever and snotty noses. The Dr. said for now it is a cold and a virus so we shall see. I hate to leave them with my parents if they are too sick but I am hoping and praying that they will be fine.

As for me I am still well, thank the Lord. I am just praying that I do not get sick. I am taking echinacia, vitamin C, and I wash my hands constantly so that is really all in my power that I can do and the rest just isn't up to me.

My friend Jess and I have a big day planned tomorrow. In the morning she is going to make spaghetti sauce and some protein bars and then we are headed to town to pick up our race packets and look through the race expo. Then we will meet one of my friends for lunch. Then we will come back and get ready to go to one of the other persons house for a carb loaded spaghetti dinner. OH YUM!! I cannot wait for it. We are going all out with good full fat ranch for our salad and cheesecake and this grape salad that I am making for dessert. OH MY!! I am getting more excited about the food. HAHA.

Sunday morning we will have to get around early to make it to the race to find a place to park and find our starting lines. I am not exactly sure how this relay thing will work and how we will get to our destinations. I am sure someone will direct us though.

I will post on Monday with how it went. I am just so excited about the fact that the 4 of us are running a marathon together. WOW!! When you think about it that is just really GREAT!! We will always remember this and have a such a wonderful memory about the event that we did to better and extend our lives by getting healthy and in shape.

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