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Thursday, January 3, 2008


This link says everything that I want to say today. Please read and don't forget it. Refer back to it whenever needed. Bookmark it on your computer. I can do it and you can do it too and don't ever forget it. I don't have anything that any of you don't have. I am just your average Joe who made up her mind that she wanted to live a healthy and fit lifestyle and that is what I am doing. It is as simple as that. Please do not sell yourself short and have a little faith in yourself and you too can live the life you have always wanted to live!

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Can I Really Lose Weight in 2008???

Published 03 January 08 04:28 PM | Corinne

"I can't do it."

"I'm so tired in the a.m./p.m. that I'm just going to watch TV."

"I was destined to be bigger."

"I am busier than most people."

"I can't believe I ate that."

Be honest. These thoughts cross your mind and maybe they have in the past few minutes!

My story: I was fat ALL MY LIFE. I ballooned up at nine years old. At 14 I had a fighting weight of 210. Twice I weighed in at 250 during my 20's. The smallest I had ever gotten was 175 and was utterly convinced that was the weight my body was "happy" at. Well, it wasn't easy, I fell down plenty of times, still have thoughts that it will all come back one day, still have days I just want to eat like there is no tomorrow, and what I wouldn't give if nachos were a clean food. Now I'm at goal and loving every minute of my healthy life.

I spent so many years of my life not believing in myself and ashamed of me...ashamed of the choices I made, how I looked, how fat I was, and mostly just ashamed that I couldn't once feel like all my skinny friends did. It didn't happen overnight but at some point I plugged away at my diet and exercise enough to start feeling like this was MY time. I had to just keep going in the face of shameful feelings, slip-ups, weigh-ins gone bad, and moments when the alarm was going off too early.

Everyone of you, from my girls with 5lbs to 100lbs to lose CAN DO THIS! The only thing that holds you back is you. It's not your husband, your kids, your job, your genes, what your mom said to you at eight years old, or your past eating habits. You are the one who decides to sit on the couch or do the Rump Buster. You are the one who takes the easy way out at McDonald's versus packing your cooler. You are the one who hits snooze versus getting that upper body routine done.

It ain't science. There is no magic. Unfortunately, there's no pill. It's called choices and hard work. That's how all dreams come true and especially the ones that involve a size 8! You have to defy what your old beliefs say and focus on what you want to be.

I was inspired to write this because the new year is a tough time. Everyone wants to lose weight and get in shape. You probably started a diet a couple of days ago and already you are off plan. You feel like a failure. You aren't...you are normal. You are going to keep having moments of weakness. You are going to get a gut check each time you exercise for the next month that you are a little more out of shape than you thought. But, it will come.

Today I did an hour of HORRIBLE cardio training. Horrible in the sense that I kicked my own ass around the fitness center. Someone stopped me and said, "I am tired just watching what you did on that elliptical." I laughed and said, "You should have seen me 30 minutes ago...that was the last half of the workout." Then I realized how selfish of me. I've been doing this for three years and if I couldn't put in a workout like that by now then I haven't been working hard enough. So I went back to the nice lady and said, "there isn't anything I just did you CAN'T do with some determination and two months under your belt." She looked stunned but said, "really?" I said absolutely and told her my story.

I don't tell this story to impress you but rather instill the belief that the fit woman you desire to be is down there. Let her out and don't for a minute think you can't. I know you can. I have too many people who started the journey with me saying they can't and now they HAVE!

This is YOUR YEAR to SUCCEED! Don't accept a darn thing less.

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Mademoiselle Yell said...

Dawn!! My mom sent me some pics of you...you look AMAZING!! Weight has always been an issue for me, especially now, after 6 months of wedded bliss...and you have really encouraged me!! You should be so proud of your success! -Erin Yell Kemp