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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I can't believe it is WEDNESDAY already!

My how the week goes by, it is already almost half over. I am going out to dinner tonight with some friends but it is at a place that has a really great chef salad and my spulrge will be their homemade ranch dressing that is the BOMB!! This is the same place that has the best onion rings of anywhere and I salivate when ever I see them take them to another table. I mean those onion rings dipped in the homemade ranch, just a little bit of heaven on earth right there. I actually need to quit talking about it. I am going in with a plan and I will stick to it. Luckily the people I am going with are in weight loss mode also so they will most likely get the chef salad also. I try to focus on the conversation.

Food yesterday was right on target too. Last night we had fish again and J tried to spice it up with some taco seasoning and I ate mine like a taco in a low carb tortilla and we had lettuce with homemade guacamole on it. It was a great dinner.

Last night I did a few ab/core things while I watched biggest loser. Did you catch biggest loser? I was glad that Jillian got on to the white team guy, he is a slacker. Maybe he has it together now. I liked the brown team a lot and I was sad that they went home but the yellow team was NOT ready so it worked out for the best.

Tonight after my dinner I am going home and exercising. I told J to not let me go to bed until I had exercised even if he has to get mean with me. B/c I know I want to do it sometimes it just takes a little push to get me there though and he can do that for me.

I actually had a few comments on my blog. YEAH, people do read this.

A shout out to my sister, Velvet, who is cruising along and eating healthy!!!

Leslie - YES, J will eat the way I eat. We only have rather healthy things at home so that really is our only option. He won't make my buy separate things for him or anything he never has. Plus, he is on the weight loss wagon right now so that always helps.

Erin - so glad you made your way to my blog. I appreciate your comments.

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