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Thursday, January 10, 2008

When I just don't want to...

get on my clothes and exercise and make myself not sit in the recliner and watch TV I am always so glad. BUT that first step of getting those workout clothes on is just a drag sometimes. I actually on the average really like to exercise but most recently this has not been the case for me. I do it anyway but I am just having to make myself do it. Possibly the good news is that I am going to get back into running effective Monday, January 14th. I really enjoy running so maybe that is what I need. I will continue to do the weights though b/c I see such a change in the shape of my body b/c of them. I am already dreading though running in the cold weather. I picked a crazy time to start training for a half marathon I will tell you that. But, I want to do it and I am doing it. I have several races planned for the first half of the year already. I thought I would make a list of them so I can hold myself accountable and mark it off after I complete it.

February 16th - Freezing 5K (this one is actually just a posibility depending on how FREEZING it is going to be)

March 2nd - Little Rock Arkansas marathon relay with 3 other friends. 6.5 miles each

April 6th - Hogeye half marathon. (Not certain I will do this one, if I am ready by then I will)

April 19th - Race for the Cure 5K. My sweet hubby is doing this one with me. He has already commited. I am very excited about that.

April 26th - Nashville half marathon.

WOW, what a great calendar I have. I want to propose a challenge to everyone out there to set a goal for yourself in the next few months and do whatever you need to do to meet it. It doesn't have to be running but you might enjoy it if you give it a shot. You can even walk a 5K if you want. I think races are great b/c you signup for them and you are committed then you work hard to make it happen then you get the glory of crossing the finish line and it does feel SO GOOD. But anyway, it does not have to be a race. You could make a goal to be exercising consistently at least 4 days a week, get into a certain size pair of jeans no matter what your scale says b/c the scale lies sometimes, maybe build up to do an entire step aerobics class if it is hard for you to do now or something of the sort. So set a goal and write it down and then see how AWESOME it feels when you accomplish it.

Stay tuned next week for my running training to start. I will keep you all informed on how it is going for me.


Running Knitter said...

Good luck training for your half. :)

Becca said...

Wow!!!! That looks great Dawn! I am so proud of you. I have been looking for the Nashville Marathon I just don't think $$ will allow me especially if I get the TM. Maybe some other one you will be at so I can met your smiley face. :)