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Thursday, January 31, 2008


It is snowing here in Arkansas as we speak. They say we could get 3-5 inches but who really knows, the weather folks say a lot of things that don't turn out to be true. The roads are just slushy right now but as the temp drops that could change. I might head out of work here soon just to be safe.

I had a GREAT run last night. I ran at a park and it had some small hills and inclines on it. It felt so good. It was tough at times. It is .9 miles around it so I went 3.6 miles total. I kept my pace up pretty good and I was proud of that considering it was not flat terrain like I am used to. I am doing a 5K in a couple of weeks that is going to be hilly then the first half marathon I am doing will have several hills so I want to try to get used to it a little bit at least.

I plan to do my 5.5 or 6 mile run on Sunday. Since I have 3 days in between now and Sunday lets see if I can get in a strength training workout. Surely I can. I mean..YES, I CAN and I WILL!! Just one. That is not too much to ask.

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