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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


My favorite cookies are the no bake, peanut butter - oatmeal - chocolate ones ya know. Well, my daughter calls me yesterday from my parents house and says "Momma I have a surprise for you". I said "GREAT, I LOVE SURPRISES". Then she says "Cookies, me and Nana made cookies". I was like "GREAT!!". "I am sure they are the no bake ones, right" she says "Yes, no bake". WONDERFUL!! I got my mom on the phone and I said "you put 3 of those in a baggy and when I get there I will eat one off the cookie sheet and then take the 3 home and give 2 to J and I will eat the other 1". Well thank goodness I stuck to my plan and that is what I did. Thankfully they didn't make many so there was only 2 left on the cookie sheet and I in fact ate 1 of them then ate another from my baggie when I got home. So see, I do indulge in things that I love from time to time but I do try as much as I can to have control. I feel good about it and I had control with my cookies. Hopefully my mom and Chloe won't be making those for another 3-4 months.

I didn't do well with my goals yesterday. I did get the water in but the workouts, nada! I am having a tough time getting in the groove at home and working out. It is just so cold and I am lazy. I am going to the gym today to run on the treadmill b/c it is so darn cold outside and while I am there I am going to do my ab/core workout.

Today's goal is 3.5 miles on the treadmill.


Ashley said...

Good job on the cookie-planning. If you just said no, it might turn into that "on/off" issue, which is bad. But life-style choices are in!

Wess and Kristal said...

No bake cookies are my favorite!! What is it about those things?! Anyway, good for you for giving yourself a limited treat! I applaud you, because it's really hard to only eat a few of those!
You look SO good! I felt so bad the other day, because I was getting gas beside you at Sam's and I kept thinking, she looks so familiar! About the time you drove off, I realized, THAT's DAWN! SHE LOOKS AWESOME!!! You are such an inspiration!