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Monday, March 10, 2008

10 miler = DONE

I did 10 miles yesterday and it went well. I felt pretty good considering I was so tired with the girls being sick and then the time change. I had a lot more energy than I thought I would. I do 12 miles this coming week on my long run and then it is down hill from there. Well at least until the half marathons get here. Those won't seem so long though b/c they will be exciting and so many other people will be running and I will have my running buddy, Jess, with me. I can't believe my first half marathon is aproaching. It is still hard for me to grasp that I am actually doing this. Never in my life did I ever think I would want to do something like this much less that I COULD do something like this and then to think that I AM doing it just blows me away. I still have a hard time believing that I can do it sometimes but yesterday I realized I was going to be able to. If I had to go 3 more miles yesterday I could have but I was glad to stop at 10. HAHA I am just blown away by the fact that I set my sights on this and that I am actually achieving this very tough goal. Kind of a fake it until you make it sort of thing. Every time I have a longer distance to go I am always unsure of if I can actually do it so I just go with it and sure enough I get there. The fear kind of gets me sometimes and I get nervous before my long runs b/c they just seem SO LONG so I really have to just not think about it and just do it! It is kind of like if you think about something too much then you usually talk yourself out of it b/c you start second guessing yourself. So I try to avoid that by just not thinking about it. I guess whatever works for me. The point is that I am almost there and I have almost achieved this goal and I am THRILLED about it!


AnnaBanana said...

Awe Dawn -- I started to get a tear in my eye reading your post -- that's exactly how I felt back in January before doing my first 1/2 marathon!

I vividly remember what an insurmountable feat 5 miles seemed and now that's not so tough.

Thirteen point one is still far to me, but I did it and so will you!


Cara said...

I am also always nervous before my runs! You are doing awesome. I hope to get to where you are in at least 6 months. Thanks for inspiring me!