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Thursday, March 20, 2008

OK, So I had a plan...

and I didn't follow it. I had that great healthy menu planned out for yesterday that I posted and then what do you know, I didn't even follow it. Convenience and my love of pizza got in the way. I did the oatmeal and almonds in the morning then at lunch J and the girls came to town so we went out and we went to a pizza place and I got a mini thin cheese pizza and salad bar. It kept me full the rest of the day so I ended up not eating an afternoon snack. Then after work I ran and then went home and was just lazy and didn't want to cook so we went to a local pizza place AGAIN that has a buffer and I had pizza, salad and a cinnamon roll. Talk about waivering off my path. OH WELL, I am moving on. I am human and I mess up just like everyone so I don't beat myself up. Now, if I did this 2-3 times a week then we might have a problem but thankfully I have this "lifestyle" down and I no longer do that. This is a very rare thing for me so I OWN IT, LEARN FROM IT, and MOVE ON!!

The plusses from yesterday are that I passed up teh chocolate in my office and the freshly cooked chocolate chip cookies and then when we left the pizza place last night they gave us a bunch of extra cinnamon rolls and J took them to his friends that he played cards with, well I woke up this morning and he brought 4 of them home so they are here at work cut up in the break room to share. I didn't even lick my fingers after I cut them up. OH, I SO BAD wanted to eat one but I had mine last night and I said I am moving on and that is what I am doing. I got out of that break room FAST!!!


AnnaBanana said...

GREAT job on bypassing the rest of the temptations!

I showed by food log to a trainer that advised me to up my daily calories about 400-500 every 4 or 5 days. Something about your body starting to conserve since it doesn't think it's getting enough, but then *presto* here's more so it doesn't.
Makes some sense & it's a good reason for a splurge day. Pizza tends to be a high-fat splurge, but you had salad! (Hopefully with a light dressing.)

Love that you "Own it, Learn from it, and move on!"

Cara said...

Good job moving on. :-) I need to do that after this week of being sick and eating comfort food. Why can't veggies and fruit be comfort food? Geesh! hahah.