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Monday, March 3, 2008

TOGETHER we completed a MARATHON!!!

WE DID IT!!! We started that bad boy at 6am and finished a little after 11. I have to say that this was one of the greatest experiences I have had in my life thus far (besides having children of course). I am obviously so proud of our team, Lorie, Jess, Mary and I did SO GREAT!! We did it faster than we had predicted and we were just so excited along the way and it was so rewarding to cheer each other on and see each of us start and finish our legs. On top of how great it was for us personally to accomplish this was such a neat experience to see the other particpants. This is the very first marathon I have ever been to and I promise it won't be my last even if I am not participating. To see these marathon walkers that started when we did at 6am walk every step of the 26.2 miles and then to see the 5Kers take off, then the wheel chair and disabled people take off then the marathon/half marathoners and other relayers was so neat. Cheering them along through the course and then at the finish line was simply AMAZING!! To see the looks on the faces of the participants as they crossed the finish line is truly priceless. Now that I realize how much commitment and dedication that it takes to train for an endurance event such as this it just makes it that much neater to see all of these other people doing it. Even when you don't know them you feel a bond with them b/c you know what it takes for them to get to where they are. Then to think that everyone at some point could not even jog or walk a 1/2 mile and then now they are achieving these great things is just indescribable. Along the course there were hundreds of people outside of their homes rooting me on as I passed during my 7.8 miles then I would pass some of the slower marathoners that started when we did and I would tell them how great they were doing and in return they insisted that I was doing great too even though I had only been on the trail for 3 miles and them for 15. Then around mile 17 when I was crossing a bridge taking my time eating my fig newtons for my last little bit of fuel to the finish and the 3 first marathoners passed me and I stared at them in awe. Then I was going at the mile 19 drink stop and there was a group of sorority girls handing out the water and they were yelling so loud for me and all the others that went through their little path. Then I passed the older gentleman that had a laminated piece of paper on his back with a title that said "In memory of my daughter" and had her picture. Yes, I started crying at mile 19 b/c of this. Finally there was a little boy on his deck way up in the woods yelling down to the racers saying "good job" and I waved to acknowledge him and probably made his day but little did he know he made mine for yelling for me. If you can't tell this was such an AWESOME but EMOTIONAL GOOD TIME FOR ME!! Words really can't describe how it feels to do this and to see others do it too even when you don't know them. I wish I would have had all day to sit at the finish line and watch ever last person cross. I cannot wait until April 6th when Jess and I cross the finish line for my first ever half marathon and her 2nd one. OH WHAT A GLORIOUS DAY THAT WILL BE!!

The big question: Will Dawn ever do a marathon???? Probably so. Making no commitments now but I do forsee this in my future at some point. Right now while my kids are young I will stick to half marathons. The time that I put in to train currently is a lot and I enjoy doing it but anymore would take me away from my family just too much at this time so later in life when my children are a little older I can see myself putting in the time and crossing that MARATHON finish line!

Now for the pics:

The gang from l-r, Jess, Dawn, Mary and Lorie. This was before the race around 5:45. We weren't sure how long it would take us so we wanted to do the early start. Most people started at 8. Yes, we were up at 4AM. Oh the things we do to be fit and healthy and have fun. Most people would call us crazy!

Lorie crossing her finish line. Lorie walked due to a knee injury but she hoofed it every step of the way. We were proud of her for still wanting to participate even though she couldn't run. Just proves that it is not about the speed but the determination to get there.

Lorie getting her medal!

Jess taking off for leg 2 of the race. She's smiling and the weather is perfect.

While we are waiting on Jess for me leg to start. Mary, Lorie and Dawn in front of the State Capitol.

Dawn goofing off. I am striking a "running pose".

Jess finishing leg 2 and she is STILL SMILING!! She surprised us actually. We weren't really expeciting her so soon. She made us proud as always.

The hand off. We had this electronic thing that kept up with our time. So on a relay you obviously have to pass it off to the next person. So here I am suiting up getting ready for leg 3.

Jess at the end of her leg. She smoked it!!!

Dawn coming across the finish line of leg 3.

Dawn after the race. Dawn and Jess with our medals waiting to go to the finish line

We didn't get a picture of Mary crossing the finish line. We were trying to watch for her but we couldn't see far in the distance b/c of where we were standing and she kind of snuck up on us. She raised her arms in celebration as she crossed the finish line. It was AWESOME!

Here is after we all finished with our medals and our proud smiles!!!

It is so fun to have these medals. I feel like a kid getting a trophy. Just a neat way to show your accomplishment.

Lorie's husband Bill ran the half marathon and he did AWESOME!! We were so proud of him too. Here he is with us girls. Isn't he lukcy!!!

The marathon couple...Bill and Lorie! Aren't they cute!!!

Dawn and Jess after the race.

Mary and Lorie, not sure whay they are doing. Probalby talking about how AWESOME they are for finishing a marathon together!! Well, probably not actually, they are probably discussing how cute the man was in his cut off shirt and purple spandex. HAHA (inside joke there)

The END!! I am sure you can see what an GREAT time we had. I can't wait until next year!!

Special thanks goes to Daniel, Jess's husband he is the bag carrier, driver and the photographer.


JessicaAR said...

I just love the run down!

It was so neat doing the race with you. We have so much fun! I too can't wait for April 6 and 26th!

We are gonna look so cute crossing those finish lines!


Becca said...

Dawn- HOW AWESOME!!!!! I am so proud of all of you. You really inspire me to go out there and just do it! :) wait to go girls!!! You look great and did a great job! Becca aka PnP cheerleader :)

mereimahog said...

Dawn - Kat forwarded your blog to me. You and your friends are so inspiring! I'm definitely going to set some really goals to accomplish...like maybe a 10K for me. BTW I finished the 5K of the LR marathon in 30:45. That knocks almost 2 mins off my previous time.

Good luck in April!!!


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

That is just awesome! Way to go!!!

Aaron said...

Yaaaay! Way to go you guys! Looked like a lot of fun!

Aaron said...

oh, that was katieo, not aaron, lol!

Cara said...

Great entry and good freaking job!! I can't wait until I work up enough endurance for that!

Charlie Alison said...

Woohoo Dawn! Congratulations.

Thanks for all the fun pictures. Sorry I didn't get to see you all while I was down there but I knew you would do great. My friend Laura ran just under 5 hours and was understandably elated.

And I know you are too. Charlie

~Les said...

I'm so proud of you guys!!! Congrats to you on an AWESOME accomplishment!


Running Knitter said...

Awesome job!