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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Cara asked me if I ever posted my menu and actually I don't do it very often at all but I need to and I should so here goes. This is what I am eating today.

B - oatmeal
S - whey protein drink and 15 almonds
L - la tortilla low carb tortilla, deli turkey, .75 oz. of cheese, steamed peas, 15 baby carrots and laughing cow cheese wedge
S - apple
S - pure protein bar (I typcally eat 2 snacks in the afternoon b/c that is when I get hungry. I eat one around 2:30 and one around 4)
D - not yet determined but probably grilled chicken, broccoli and salad or something healthy along those lines.

I am trying to up my protein to get ready for my 8 mile run this weekend. I am going to do 3.6 miles this afternoon. I am shooting to drink 100 oz. of water too daily to keep myself hydrated.

Did you see Biggest Loser last night??? MAN, I LOVE THAT SHOW!!! I love the makeovers, they all just looked SO GREAT!! I loved how they just couldn't believe that this was the "new me". They lived so long not feeling pretty or proud of themselves and now they do. That is just such an awesome feeling. Dan finally got his haircut, yea!!! Brittany is gorgeous! Kelly looked GREAT!!! I loved Ali's haircut and her pretty dress. I thought that Jay looked SO MUCH YOUNGER!! It is amazing how weight will age you. Mark and Roger were very handsome. I hated to see Brittany and Maggie go b/c I really liked them but I knew they would do great on their own. I can't wait to see them at the finale.

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Cara said...

You are too sweet :-)

Thanks for posting it, I love this stuff :-)

My day is filled with saltine crackers and juice (sick).