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Thursday, August 16, 2007


It is finally Thursday and I have bunko at my house tonight with some girlfriends, I am really looking forward to it. The house is clean, the flowers are weeded and the yard is NOT mowed but I hope to do that really quick this afternoon.
On the menu tonight is:

1) veggie tray w/ sour cream and ranch dip (light sour cream so not too many calories per serving)
2) cheese ball w/ cream cheese, ham and green onion (the cream ch. is half fat free and half light so not too bad on calories there either) - of course the crackers that go with it are not great, they are 13 for 130 calories but their nutritional value is lacking.
3) chocolate chip cheese ball -this is not at all healthy or low in calorie, it is so good though and served with graham crackers.
4) phyllo dough crab cups - these aren't too bad actually b/c it just has phyllo dough cups, with crab meat and cream cheese and green onions in them. they are SO YUMMY!
5) lemon cake made w/ diet sprite and fat free cool whip icing - all you do with this is buy a lemon cake mix and add 2 cups of diet sprite and mix and bake according to directions. Then ice with fat free cool whip. You do not use any of the eggs or oil in it and plus you don't use icing so this cuts back on calories dramatically. I am going to calculate the calories tonight so I will let you know exactly. you can also do it with chocolate cake and diet coke or diet dr. pepper. so if you use a light colored cake then use diet sprite or 7-up and if you do a dark cake use the dark diet drinks.

So that is it. Those 5 things. A few healthy or somewhat healthy things and then a couple not so good for you things but they will ALL BE GOOD!! This is a time where I really have to have some control and just not eat my weight in the chocolate chip cheese ball. I love this thing. I am thinking that I might not eat any of it. If I think I can limit myself to a small serving then I will have it but if I am afraid that I will just eat and eat and eat then I am just going to pass it up completely. I mean I would live without it, RIGHT? It is not as if I am never ever going to eat it again and my body won't quit on me just b/c I don't have it, in fact my body would be better off if I didn't have it, that is what I have to keep telling myself.

o.k., I am off to eat my lunch, south beach diet pizza, cucumber, avocado and a tomato.


Tonette said...

Your mom brought the girls to the clinic today!! I was so excited to see them. They are just adorable!! Chloe is pretty funny and talked to everyone. Lizzy fell asleep on Kim, so she was tickled. They are just little dolls, you should be so proud. Have fun at bunco!!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Sounds like a fun night to me!!! I wish I was coming over! I'd love to know how you make the chocolate chip cheesball thing...