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Friday, August 31, 2007

A long weekend...I need it.

J's team lost last night by one measly poing. 13-12. BUMMER!! I actually didn't get to see the end but maybe that is a good thing. I had to leave at half time b/c Chloe was sick. She had a fever yesterday morning and then it got better then it came back then it got better then at the game she got sick and threw up in the bleachers (poor thing) then I felt of her and she was burning up so we went home early and she went to bed and seems to be a better this morning I just hope it lasts. Lizzie is also suffering from a major cold and tons of snot. Poor thing she can't breathe very good. I slept holding her in the recliner most of the night. I hope they get better before tomorrow when I will be leaving them with J's parents so I can go to the football game. We shall see.

I am looking forward to the long weekend though and having Monday off. It will be NICE. I don't have any major plans so that is nice too. I of course need to do laundry, vacuum and dust and such so maybe I will get that done.

As for eating I decided to do my cheat meal last night b/c my mom made my fave!! Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits and gravy. IT WAS SO GOOD! I will be on track the rest of the weekend though. I don't have any major plans or events so I should be able to stay on track. I just need to schedule some exercise in there somewhere though. I have been slacking on the exercise front. I have been running some but not lifting weights. That is a good goal for me for the weekend to lift weights at least one of the day. I can do it!!

ok. I have to get off here and get to work. Have a great weekend if I don't make it back here to check in.

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