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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Just when you think you get it...

o.k. here is my story...last Friday I went to lunch w/ some friends at a mexican place. I had decided before I went that I was not going to eat at all, especially the chips. I ate a snack before I went then I had a nice lunch in the fridge waiting on me for when I got back to work. I had the perfect mind set and I succeded. I did not eat anything not even one little chip. I sat there and drank my water with the basket of chips in front of me and didn't even touch them at all. You say "WOW, Dawn that is so GREAT" I was so proud of myself when I left there. So comes last night with girls night out at a friends house to play bunko and I was not sure what type of food they would have but I had told myself to be strong and either eat a minimal amount of whatever they had or to not eat at all. I did have an apple and a nectarine in the car and that actually stayed in the car (mistake #1). Anyway, I went in and of course they had chips and 3-4 different dips and I dove in like I had never eaten before. I just couldn't step away. WHY OH WHY could I not step away? I DO NOT KNOW! I did not just eat my weight in them, I think I actually had 25 chips. I did count them but I should have had none. I am sure people think well you can have a treat every now and then it is o.k. Well, in my world it is not o.k., yes I allow myself treats but I also have to learn to maintain control and I did not do that. I am one of these all of nothing kind of people. If I can't eat all the chips I want then usually I would prefer to have none. I even passed up the oreos (on the platter right next to where I sat at one point) and brownies AND ice cream cake (and I love ice cream). So how did I pass those yummy things up but eat the chip and dip? The actual meal was fine, I had taco salad w/ no chips, lettuce, meat, a little cheese, a little sour cream, and tomatoes. So that was o.k. and within my guidelines but the chips and dip are not. So as long as I learn from my mistake and I do not do this again then I consider myself o.k. I would have been completely satisfied with myself if I would have not had the chips and dip and just eaten the taco salad, that would have been perfect. I can usually do o.k. with the meal portions it is the snacking before hand that gets me.

Here is what I will do next time:

1) eat a snack before I go
2) take in a bag of carrots so that I can have those in my hand and in my mouth, take in an apple and a nectarine and beef jerky or almonds or anything if I have to keep my hands and my mouth busy.
3) sit in the living room if I have to and DO NOT hover in the kitchen (this is key)
4) find out exactly what they are having ahead of time so I can say I will not eat XXX and XXX. I do better this way for some reason.

I will start with these tips, see I know them I just didn't follow through with them. UGH!!

This month the gathering is at my house so I will have control over what we have there. I plan to have mostly healthy choices but some of the people specifically request fattening things, I will just keep them to a minnimum. I can triumph over this. I WILL I WILL!!

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Kathleen said...

Dawn, really this isn't that bad. I think in WW points the chips is about 6 pts. Not sure on the dip. Don't forget you can bake flatout wraps for awesome chips and only 1 pt. Take your snacks with you, nothing is wrong with that. Have a variety of small cal/pt ones so you can nibble throughout the evening. Jerkey is great, takes awhile to chew!