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Friday, August 24, 2007


Well of course J had to spend our anniversary at a football game but tonight we are making up for it and going to see Dierks Bentley and Cross Canadian Ragweed in concert. WOOT WOOT!! I can't wait!!!

I finally was able to jog last night. My good friend Tara and her husband came over around 7:15 and Tara and I each grabbed a stroller and headed out. Steve ran ahead of us and then lapped us but I think it was b/c he wasn't pusing a stroller. HAHA Tara and I went 2 miles jogging 1.25 of it and walking .75. It felt GREAT! I just love the feeling of accomplishment that I get after a run is over.

My darling Lizzie slept all night last night. YEAH! Maybe she just didn't feel good the 2 nights before. I am not sure what it was but I am hoping it is over for a little while and she will be back on her angel sleeping schedule. She has me spoiled.

I have a plan for food for today, b-fast was fiber one, banana and milk and then some prot. powder in the leftover milk for a little more protein. Lunch will be south beach diet pizza, cucumber, avocado and tomato. Dinner will be on the road but I can get a decent salad or grilled chicken sand. at most places. So today should be good. I will take my cooler with me for our road trip and some water so that if I get hungry I don't have to eat convenient store food. As for Sat. and Sun. we don't have any major plans except a birthday party for Chloe's friend on Saturday morning but I will eat before I go so that I won't be tempted to pass up the cake. I hope to exercise on Saturday and do another run with Tara on Sunday.

It is Friday, make sure you have YOUR weekend planned with your food and exercise.


Em said...

Hi Dawn! I was surprised to see a new face on my blog today. Thanks for visiting. Congratulations on your anniversary. I am happy that there are people all over the place that get to celebrate good things on August 23!! Congrats to you and your husband.

I am going to start regularly reading here too. I am excited to start Corinne's program and I am going to take some before shots so that I can show her how great I did! Thanks for the encouragement and keep it up yourself!


Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Sounds like you're going to do great with food choices this weekend! Congrats on your anniversary too!