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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Happy Wednesday to all of you. I can't chat long b/c I am busy at work. I just wanted to say that I have marked another thing off my to do list for the week. I actually got up at 5:20 and weeded my flower beds. My darling mom came out to help me (she is a gardner so she loves this stuff). Anyway, I had to get it ready for my bunco game on Thursday. I was out side in the dark with my front porch light on weeding. It looks good though. It is not perfect but perfect enough for me. It had kind of gotten away from me.

Last night I loaded up the truck with my yard sale stuff and I am headed to my friends house tonight to unload it all and price it. We are having a major yard sale pricing party with the 5 people that are participating in the yard sale tonight. Then after I get home my dad is coming with me to watch the girls while I mow. I have to do this b/c my darling husband is working late every night this week and you can't really mow the yard at 9:30 at night. I guess you could but it wouldn't look very good. So I will do it this week, I don't mind though. Then after I get the kids to bed I have to make the 2 cheese balls for bunco.

I am still eating good, I had grilled chicken last night and some squash on the grill and 1/2 a cucumber. It was really good. I love good for you food thank goodness.

o.k. I am off to get my work done. Until tomorrow --- Dawn

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