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Friday, August 17, 2007


This is my new saying instead of TGIF. A girl that uses the same on-line trainer that I use used that phrase this morning and I though it was so fitting. Because if you are like me then eating on weekends is almost torture compared to during the week when you are on a regular schedule. It is just harder to get in your workouts, water, and make sure you eat regularly and eat your snacks as well. Usually there is so much going on and so many special events to attend. One of the best ways to battle this is to have "A PLAN". For example here is mine for my weekend:

Friday night - not hard b/c I will be at home and everything will be normal. I am thinking about eating my flatout bread pizza that I make. I must share this with you later, it is so good. And of course I have to eat some veggies so probably some steamed broccoli and a cucumber.

Saturday - busy busy day - this will be my carry my cooler day - yard sale in the morning at a friends house. I won't eat before I go b/c I have to be there at 5:30 so I will take a banana and and a protein bar to eat around 8 or so. Then I will take an apple for a snack and then I will take some carrots along just in case I need another snack. I will be sure to keep my water cup filled up so that I am drinking my water throughout the morning. I should be home just after lunch hopefully so I will eat a turkey wrap most likely and some strawberries and some cucs. Sat. afternoon I have a wedding shower at 4:30 so I will have already eaten my afternoon snack and I will take some carrots along with me in case I feel that I need to snack on something. I will go into the shower with a "no cake" and " no sweets" policy for me. I can choose from other things in moderation. I think we are going out to dinner so I can just make a healthy choice at that time.

Sunday - this day should not be too hard b/c I will be at home most of the day. I just have to make myself drink my water and also eat my 3 meals and my 2 snacks!

I can do this, I have a plan and I am going to stick to it. My cooler will be my saving grace for Saturday. I just have to pack it with some healthy snacks so I have NO EXCUSES.

As for bunco, it went really well. We had a great time, there were 8 of us and I did great on the food. The food was a hit and I did not over do it. I maintained control and that is such a great feeling. See, I know I can do it when I really want too.

You can do it too, get a good attitude and a controlled mindset and head into the weekend. Oh, and make sure you get in some exercise!!!

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