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Monday, August 13, 2007

It's Monday and the beginning of a busy week!

What a great productive weekend. J powerwashed the house 3/4 of it anyway. Only one side left to do, of course it the toughtest side. The north side with the most mildew and mold on it. This stuff just sticks to the siding. UGH. You should see the rest of the house though. It looks good! I spent yesterday doing laundry (never ending) and dusting and just putting things away. I also went through the girls things to get the final items for my yardsale that I am participating in this weekend. Tonight my plan is to vacuum and clean the bathrooms, tomorrow night I have to price things for the yard sale and then on Wednesday I have my Dave Ramsey class and I will deliver items to the yard sale location and then Thursday night is Bunco at my house and then Friday I will finish up yard sale pricing then Saturday morning I have to leave my house around 4:45 AM to get set up for the yard sale then Saturday afternoon I have a wedding shower and that night I have a bachlorette party. It just wears me out thinking about all of this. In between all of that I have kids to take care of, a husband to fend for, and exercise to do and and sleep. I am sure the week will go by fast as it always does so it will be over soon.

As for this past weekend with exercise and eating. I got up and exercised (did weights) in the garage at 7 on Saturday morning, YEAH!! So that was a great start to my day. I had a good b-fast and lunch was a chef salad with ranch on the side. I often eat vinegar and oil but occasionaly I will indulge in ranch. I dip my fork in it and then put it in the salad so I don't use as much. That really cuts down on the amount. I did share a dessert with some friends but I did'nt eat much and it was a controlled portion so that was nice. Dinner was good with steak, potatoes and veggies on the grill. Sunday went well, no exercise, b-fast was good, lunch was good and then dinner was my cheat meal with creamy tacos and cake at my parents house. So all in all I was really proud of my weekend.

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