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Friday, August 3, 2007


As happy as I am that it is Friday I am disappointed at how fast the weeks go by. Of course, I always look forward to the weekends b/c I can spend time with my family but the time is just going by entirely too fast. Lizzie turned 4 months on August 1st and Chloe will be 3 in about 1 1/2 months. I simply can't believe it and I wonder where the time has gone. SLOW DOWN TIME!

Anyway, I had a great week, I exercised early at 5:30 3 mornings this week. YEAH!! I plan to exercise, on Saturday and Sunday. I am going to do jogging intervals, like I jog really fast for 1-3 minutes then walk a good steady pace for 1-3 minutes and then repeat. My trainer said that is better for FAT BURNING and since my goal is to burn fat that is what I am going to do. I did this last Saturday b/c I was having a hard time going at a steady pace but this ended up being harder actually. I got A LOT more winded.

I have had a pretty good eating week. The only problem I had was on Tuesday night with the chips and dip at my bunko game. Besides that, I have been right on target.

I don't have anything thoughtful to say today or a problem to discuss. I am just so dang proud that I got in my exercise 3 days this week in the morning. It was a STRUGGLE to get out of bed I tell you. My hubby has to give me a nudge but it is a nice nudge and plus, I ask him too help me and he does. It works and I put my feet on the floor so that is all that matters.

When you are eating this weekend and making your choices just think about how you want to look and feel and make sure it is worth it. If not then just pass it by and don't give it a second thought. Also, get out there and sweat in this heat and humidity, it won't be very hard. Get that heart rate pumping and burn those calories.

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