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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


for DIERKS BENTLEY! Seriously, he better be on his best behavior or that is it, I am moving to TN and kicking out Dierks beautiful wife and then you can just call me DAWN BENTLEY... sounds good doesn't it. He is my new favorite. I am and will always be a huge Kenny Chesney fan but there is something about that Dierks that just draws me in. I actually saw him at the end of April here in town and I had very close seats, they actually called it "the pit" and I was literally right next to the stage. This time around this past Friday I was much much further away so I just enjoyed the music instead of the scenery. I will share some of the pics from the April concert for your viewing pleasure.

Those are the best ones. I might have a few others to bless my blog with at a later time.
As for my eating and exercising. I am doing really good with the eating. In fact, I might need to post another menu since I haven't done that in a while. I will try to get to that tomorrow. I have not been getting up in the morning to exercise and my excuse is my darling daughter is no longer sleeping well. I really just need to get up and do it anyway even if if it is 30 minutes. Surely, I need the exercise more than I need just 30 minutes of sleep. I need to try to go to bed just 30 minutes early then that will take care of that. I am planning on jogging tonight again with my friend Tara. We jogged on Sunday around this trail that was 2 miles and we did it 2 times. We jogged / walked and had a pretty good time of 50 minutes so we were proud of that. Plus, it has some hills so our booties and backs of our legs were feeling it as we walked up those hills.
I did have a proud eating experience last night at a work event that I went to. You know those things they always have the good fattening junky food at them. Well, I decided I was going to eat something so I had 5 cocktail shrimps (w/ no cocktail sauce), 5 pieces of sushi and 2 strawberries. No dessert and no dips or crackers or chips. YEAH!!! I was so proud of myself. Those events are so hard for me b/c I really like that junky crap they feed you. But, I made some good choices and left there feeling great about myself.

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