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Friday, August 1, 2008


So I am going 4 days in a row with my very strict menu plan I have myself on. I didn't let a little detour last night derail me. Yesterday was BIL's birthday and his choice of place to eat dinner was Olive Garden. Well, with Phit-N-Phat we are in the last week of a team challenge and I am the leader of the BOOTY BLASTER'S. We are a kick butt team I might add. 9 members strong and all of them have stayed committed and accountable. It has been great. So this weekend is the end of the challenge and I told myself I wasn't going to have a splurge meal until either Sunday night or possibly Monday or Tuesday. I just don't want my final weigh in and measurements to be tainted by a splurge meal too soon. So since I made the promise to myself and the team it was actually pretty easy to just sit and visit last night at OG. I did eat 4 pieces of my girls broccoli but that was it. I ate my 4 oz. of steak and 7 asparagus spears before I went and then while I was there I drank 3 glasses of water. The breadsticks were slightly tempting and if I let myself go I probably would have eaten about 5 of them. I just kept my mind strong and my eye on the prize and I cruised through that dinner. The family doesn't think anything about it b/c they know how I am and they know I have goals to meet so they just don't even comment about it. I do this often actually with just going out to eat and not actually eating so they are used to it.

On the exercise front I haven't been as commited as I was for the last 3 weeks. I got up early 2 days this week. Typically after 8 weeks of exercising I take a taper week where I don't do weights and just do some moderate cardio so I will consider this my taper week instead of next week. It will work out just fine.

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Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

Great job on the Olive Garden Victory!
Good luck to the Booty Blasters.