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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday and going strong!

I started out my morning with a good workout. Lesley and I had planned to walk but her daughter was up most of the night she she couldn't make it. I have been there and I completely understand so that was fine. Since I was already up I headed to the garage to the treadmill and did a 25 minute HIIT workout and then come inside to do some upper body strength training.

Here is my menu for today:
B - 1/2 cup fiber one, 1/2 cup skim milk, 3 boiled egg whites, 12 almonds and 8 cherry tomatoes
S - peach, almonds and cool whip mixed together
L - SBD cheese pizza, 10 red pepper strips
S - low carb wrap, deli turkey meat, mustard and some spinach
D - tilapia and asparagus

I have noticed that my two lovely belly pooches are noticeably getting smaller. I attribute it to the clean diet and the cardio. It is making a big difference in only 1 1/2 weeks. I am amazed.


Teresa said...

Good for you on the belly pooches. I haven't been eating clean only for just a few days and already can feel the difference in energy and just general mood itself. I'm really enjoying the exercise routine.

The Skinner's said...

Dawn, I am so sorry!!!!
Katherine just was so restless & whimpering out most of the night. She finally settled down @ 6:30am & I had to get ready for work!
Girl, I am poop'd!!!
Not sure if it was a belly ache or teething!
I tell ya, that will wear you out having a baby up most of the night!
Anyhow, thanks for understanding & I'll see ya on Friday!!!!!
(Pray Katherine sleeps better tonight......I NEED the sleep!)

Juli said...

Congrats on the ongoing progress!!! You are unstoppable!