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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's no use. Just DVR it Dawn and watch it in a couple of months.

As you might have read a few posts ago that no one told me that having kids meant pretty much NOT watching the Olympics until around 10:30. Why do people not tell you these things?

Last night I was strategically trying to plan my evening around watching the Olympics, and it didn't work out.
5:00 - leave work
5:15 - arrive at grocery store for a few things
5:45 - leave grocery store
5:50 - arrive at parents to pick up girls
6:00 - leave parents and drive to in-laws to feed Molly(pig) and walk her around
7:00 - leave in-laws and drive home
7:10 - arrive at home
7:15 - give girls dinner and eat myself
7:45 - neighbor comes over to get Chloe for her to play with their daughter
7:45 - clean up kitchen
8:00 - give Lizzie a bath and get her ready for bed
8:15 - put Lizzie to bed - she starts crying
8:15 - go get Chloe at neighbors house
8:20 - give Chloe a bath (while Lizzie is still crying in her bed)
8:30 - get Chloe ready for bed and read her a book
8:30 - get Lizzie out of bed and read her a book with Chloe
8:40 - put them both to bed and Lizzie still cries (I don't think she feels well)
8:50 - still trying to get J's dinner ready for when he gets home
9:00 - Chloe still not asleep and Lizzie still crying
9:05 - get Lizzie out of bed and hold her thinking that might help
Note - all of this time I saw 1 minute segments of the Olympics about every 30 minutes.
9:20 - J gets home and his dinner isn't ready and both girls are up.
9:22 - he tells Chloe and Lizzie to go to bed and what do you know, THEY DO IT!
9:25 - heat up leftover chicken and steamed broccoli for J. Thank goodness he isn't picky
9:35 - start packing my b-fast and lunch and snacks for today - J does his own
10:00 - get clothes and other stuff ready to go to the gym Tuesday morning
10:20 - lay down in bed and finally get to watch the Olympics in peace
11:15 - I am so tired, I can't make it any longer so I turn off the TV
5:15AM - alarm goes off and I realize I just can't make it on 6 hours of sleep
6:15 - get out of bed to get ready for the day.

WHEW!! That was exhausting just re-typing it. And to think I want another child. HAHA

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Sambrina's Mama said...

Oh Dawn!!! I feel for you!!! Hopefully your little one isn't getting sick and you can get some more rest and enjoy the Olympics!

Rachel :)