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Monday, August 4, 2008

Splurge meal = YUM YUM!

So if you didn't know I take 1 splurge meal or metablic boost meal as my trainer, at Phit-N-Phat calls it per week. Which means 1 meal a week I eat anything that I want for 1 hour. Well recently, I realized that I was kind of taking a bite here and a bite there of things that weren't on my plan AND doing a splurge meal. I think this was making me maintain my weight and not lose which is my #1 goal right now. So this last week I was 100% on target with my food. I had no BLT's (bite licks or taste) at all and so that made my splurge meal that much better. Typically I go out to eat for my splurge but I am huge fan of chips and rotel so I decided that I would make homemade beef enchiladas and rotel and I had a craving for chocolate chip cookies. So last night for dinner this is what I had. It was REALLY good! One of my best splurge meals in a long time. You know when you eat good healthy food almost all of the time you really appreciate the not so good food for you more. I would NOT want to eat that way all of the time and I do like the taste of my healthy food too but it is just not the same as some cheese dip and choc. chip cookies. So I enjoyed every last bite of it and there is none left over thank goodness. We had help from some family to finish if off if not then I was just going to take it to work. My little Chloe enjoyed it too. She usually eats like a bird most of the time but she devoured the cheese dip and chips and cookies. I guess she enjoyed Momma's splurge meal too. Next time I will get some pictures of it. Hmmm, what will I have next weekend????

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Juli said...

YUMMY..sounds like a terrific splurge meal to me!!! Kudos for sticking to the diet, you deserve at least 1 "create your own" meal during the week.