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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Can you say "MIRACLE"??? Two days in a row, yes you heard it here, two days in a row of AM workouts. I was up at 4:55 this AM getting ready to head to Fayetteville Athletic Club for my 2nd visit of my 7 day free pass. Todays class was Body Attack. This was a true Phit-n-Phat style workout. It was just a major cardio hour with knee lefts, leg kicking, grapevines, running up and back and around the room, hopping and push ups and abs thrown in there too. I LOVED IT!! It got my heart rate up there and kept it elevated. As the class was getting close to the finish and I was getting a little tired I was saying over and over in my head "push it, finish strong and leave it all at the gym". Corinne at PNP always tells us that if you are going to take the time to workout or go to a gym then make it worth your time and leave it all at the gym. I was trying to remember that as my energy level was dwindling. I finished strong though and I was proud.
The bad thing is that this gym is kind of pricey and I actually already have a gym membership at another place that is a very minnimal price. I have no intention of joining this gym but I wanted to give these classes a try. I am considering in the future becoming certified to teach them. Then I figured I could get a free membership, sounds like a good idea don't you think. I need to get into tip top shape though and make sure I can perform all of the push ups and talk at the same time. I think I would really enjoy being an instructor though. We shall see.

My goal for the week is 4 days of AM workouts, I am half way there. I am planning to go tomorrow and Thursday. There is something about having a start time for your workout and also my friend, Jordan, has been meeting me there and that makes all the difference in the world. THANK YOU JORDAN!!

I will post in tomorrow to let you know how my 2nd body pump class was.

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