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Monday, July 28, 2008

PIG SHOW!! Chloe and Molly IN THE HOUSE!

Chloe had her very first pig show on Friday night. She did AWESOME!! She was so excited the whole night. The show started at 9 pm and she was several classes down on the list. We had no idea if she would even really get out there and do it. She kept saying "Dad, is it my turn yet?" and he would tell her how many more classes until she was up. Well, it came time for her class around 11:15PM and she was READY! She never even hesitated and just went in that ring and her and Molly did their thing and she made Molly go all over that ring. She didn't place but she sure had a good time and we were SO PROUD of her! It was so fun for all of us to see her do it well and enjoy herself. She said "I want to do it again, when is the next show!".

I forgot to add that her pig weighed 240 pounds. That is a really big pig for a 32 pound little girl. She isn't bothered a bit by it though. Molly is just the best pig for a little girl. She is so docile and just does whatever Chloe tells her to do. I think her pig was the 2nd largest pig there. There was one that weighed in at a little over 260.

Before the show Chloe posing with her Dad.

The typical Chloe pose with her hip sticking out with her "whooper" as she calls it and her brush in her pocket.

Taking Molly around the ring. You can see Uncle Brett in the background doing a little coaching. We had family stationed out at different sides or the arena to give her a little help.

Chloe continuing to take Molly around the ring like a pro.

Coming over to get a close up for the camera.


Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

That pig was HUGE!!!!

Chloe looks adorable with that whooper and her pig. Can't wait to hear how the next show goes!

Teresa said...

She is so precious. I love her pose. I know you are one proud momma. And yes, that is a HUGE pig up against lil Chloe.

The Lewis's said...

That is wonderful!! I am so glad that she liked it!! I can't wait for my little boy to be out there showing!:)

Juli said...

These are great pics! It is amazing how tiny she looks next to her pig. Sounds like everyone had a great time!

Tonette said...

That is adorable!! Such attitude. I love seeing her when your mom brings her up here... and Lizzie! They are just dolls!!