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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Night out on the town

Here are some pictures from J's and I night out last Thursday to see a band that we love, Cross Canadian Ragweed.

First, this is my new MEDIUM dress I bought in the JUNIORS section at Kohl's. I LOVED IT!!!! I still can hardly believe I can wear this stuff now. My sweet hubby encouraged me to go shopping for one and we found this one and I loved the way it looked and the color.

Dawm and Jeremy at the concert site.

Dawn - Brett - Jordan - UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL!

Dawn and Jordan in our BLUE!

Brett and Jordan

Our friends Bryan and Katherine

Speaking of BLUE, did you notice Katherine's very blue eyes (click on the picture to make it bigger and you can really see them), they just jump out at you!

Cross Canadian Ragweed GROUPIES!

Bo and Cortney at George's after the concert. We went to watch another band and they were so good!!! Some good dancin' tunes.

Dawn and Jeremy at George's


The Lewis's said...

You look Great Dawn!! I love that dress! It looks like you guys had a good time!

Teresa said...

Dawn, you have come a long ways. I'm proud of you, you have alot of determination and self esteem that needs to rub off on me. Your dress looks great.

~Les said...

Dawn, you look FABULOUS!

And, I love CCR! They're from my neck of the woods, so I got to see them a few times in small venues in Stillwater before they "grew up" and got all famous. Great music choice, sister!


Running Knitter said...

Love the pics. You look amazing!