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Monday, July 21, 2008


Yes, I am really glad that it is Monday and I did my AM exercise. I am really loving this. I am shocked at how much better it makes me feel. Of course I did not exercise on Friday - Sunday and I felt sluggish and tired all three days. It shocks me at how much a difference that it makes when I get 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours more sleep on Saturday and Sunday and I feel more tired through the day and I want to take a nap. CRAZY!!! I got my Monday off to a great start by walking and a little bit of jogging with Lesley, we took it a little easy to get her back in the swing of things. I wanted her to be able to walk tomorrow you know. It felt so good though just to get up and get the blood pumping! Tomorrow morning I am going to the gym for a class at 5:30 for the last of my free pass. Then Lesley and I were going to walk/run on Thursday but we moved it to Friday so I am not sure yet if I will just get up Wednesday and Thursday or if I will just do it one of these days. I might push the limits and get up all 5 days. WHOA!! That would be crazy of me but I just might do it. Then on Saturday I am actually going to that gym that I have been going to for a boot camp style workout with 4 classes that I am attending. They do this every 3 months apparently where they launch the new versions of their classes and they have a Saturday morning full of classes right after another. IT will be tough but fun and a great great workout!!


Running Knitter said...

Isn't it amazing how a workout makes you feel? :) Keep up the awesome job!

The Lewis's said...

Great Job Dawn and Lesley!!!

Juli said...

Keep up the good work!!!