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Friday, July 18, 2008

Miscellaneous and tip of the day

It is Friday. This week flew by as they always do. No big plans this weekend which is nice b/c soon the weekends will start getting busier with Razorback football games and hunting season and J's football season starting. The fall is always just so busy. Fun but busy.

I enjoyed my splurge meal yesterday at lunch. I had chicken fajitas and chips and cheese dip. It was really good. I have started doing my splurge meal during the week during lunch one day b/c J doesn't want to do one for a while b/c he is so focused on his good eating that he doesn't want to lose the focus he has right now. I am able to have my splurge and get back on track the next meal but it is harder to do that in the beginning so I can work around it and do it at lunch. I think it is better anyway b/c I eat less at lunch than I would if I had the meal at dinnertime.

My food will be spot on this weekend since we will be at home. We are going to eat out on Sunday at lunch but I can stay on my plan. I don't have any formal exercise planned either. I got my 4 days in so I am good. I have my exercise week planned out beginning on Monday though so I am glad about that. Monday through Thursday again of AM exercise.

Tip of the day: I thought I would share with you what I have recently learned that I should have been doing A LONG TIME AGO and that is BOILING EGGS!! This is so easy and such a great way to eat a snack or breakfast that is quick and healthy. I started doing it this week and I take 2 eggs and a piece of fruit and eat that for breakfast after I get to work from my AM workout. It is so easy. I boil about 6 at a time every 3 days and just have them on hand in the fridge for whenever I want one for b-fast or for a snack. I am sure you could do more at a time depending on how quickly you eat them. I have no idea how long they are good in the fridge, most likely a long time. Anyway, learn from my mistake and if you aren't boiling eggs already start doing it now b/c it is super easy and quick and it makes for a no excuses snack when you need something or an addition to a meal.


Running Knitter said...

I love boiled eggs, but never thought to boil a bunch at a time. Thanks for the tip!

Juli said...

THANKS FOR THE GREAT TIP! I always enjoy reading your blog b/c you are such a great motivator throughout the week.

Yeah...I am so excited that I made the addition to your blog links.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Trish said...

Hi Dawn! Just popping into your blog - I hardly recognize your before pics!! Your "afters" look so awesome!!

Thanks for the egg tip too!!! :)

anna said...

no kidding...eggs are the BEST!

and you should know...just check out your before/after pics! dang girl!! you look amazing.